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As south Chapel Hill’s premiere residential, shopping, dining & leisure destination, Southern Village is the natural choice to host the town’s first ever upscale hotel south of downtown.

To enrich Southern Village’s vibrant community of residences & businesses — and to meet the existing need for a hotel in this geographical area — Bryan Properties proposes to build a new hotel on US 15/501 south, adjacent to the Southern Village neighborhood.

The Hotel

The now-approved 112-room hotel will be located on a parcel of land on Highway 15/501 South, between the two entrances to Southern Village, and adjoining the existing Southern Village Apartments district. Preliminary discussions are underway with potential hotel operators, but residents and future guests can rest assured that it will be operated by an upscale, name-brand hotelier.

Town Says “Yes!” to New Hotel

On October 28, 2013, the Chapel Hill Town Council unanimously approved a special use permit to allow Bryan Properties to build a new hotel adjacent to the Village Center of Southern Village. As south Chapel Hill's premiere residential, shopping, dining and leisure destination, Southern Village is the natural choice to host the town's first ever upscale hotel south of downtown.

In the recent public hearings, many Southern Village business owners and residents came out to voice their strong support for a new hotel. For the next few months, Bryan Properties will be working to obtain final permits and approval of the hotel facade from the Community Design Commission.

Construction is likely to begin in early summer of 2014.

Bryan Properties is working with Beacon Investment Management Group of Charlotte, which owns or operates four hotels in the Charlotte area. Beacon's principals, Boris Bunich (a UNC alumnus) and Nish Patel, are excited about bringing their expertise to the Chapel Hill market.

Hotel Rendering

Southern Village Hotel Concept

Aerial View of Southern Village Neighborhood

Aerial satellite view of Southern Village neighborhood

Proposed Site Plan Showing the New Hotel

Proposed site plan showing the new hotel

Benefits to the Village Center & Tax Base

The hotel will make an attractive addition to Southern Village, benefiting neighborhood businesses and residents alike. With 112 rooms’ worth of foot traffic, the hotel will supply a steady stream of visitors to the shops and restaurants on Southern Village’s Market Street. And, by enriching the vibrancy of the Village Center, the hotel will also indirectly help strengthen housing prices within Southern Village.

The Town of Chapel Hill and Orange County also stand to benefit from the new hotel. Not only will it fill an existing need for a hotel south of downtown Chapel Hill, but it will also provide significant ongoing tax revenues in the form of property and occupancy taxes. The estimated $20 million hotel project would generate $231,794 in property taxes for the town, county and school district (assuming current tax rates). With an average occupancy of 65%, the town and county would realize $178,000 per year in occupancy tax revenues.

Southern Village Ideals In Action

Southern Village was conceived around three guiding principles: density, design, and destination. These founding ideals account for the neighborhood’s charming, small-town feel, with its emphasis on walkability, green spaces, pedestrian-friendly architecture, community, and convenience. The hotel will build on these traditions in both form and spirit.

The hotel’s vehicular entrance will be located on Highway 15/501 South and traffic patterns within the neighborhood will remain unaffected (including during the construction phase). The facade facing residential Barksdale Drive will be set near the sidewalk and reflect design principles found on Market Street, with an emphasis on walkability. Hotel guests will enjoy a three-minute walk to the shops and restaurants in the Village Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is a hotel for Southern Village?
A. As south Chapel Hill’s premiere residential, shopping, and leisure destination, Southern Village is a logical choice for a hotel or inn that would add to the mixed-use functionality of the neighborhood and attract an evergreen stream of visitors to the Village’s businesses and restaurants. Plus, the proposed hotel will be the first to be located south of Chapel Hill’s downtown, thus filling an existing commercial need.
Q. Where will the hotel be located?
A. The hotel will be located on a newly acquired parcel of land located on the west side (Southern Village side) of Highway 15/501. The parcel adjoins the Southern Village Apartments District. The vehicular entrance and exit will be located on Highway 15/501, meaning hotel guests will not drive through existing Southern Village streets.
Q. Is this hotel connected in any way to the Obey Creek development proposal?
A. No. The Southern Village Hotel is being proposed by a different development team and have no common ownership with the Obey Creek developers.
Q. Who will operate the Southern Village hotel?
A. Beacon IMG from Charlotte.
Q. How many rooms will the hotel have?
A. The hotel will have 112 rooms and facilities for meetings and events.
Q. Will the hotel include additional facilities?
A. Yes. The hotel will feature facilities for events and meetings.
Q. How will the hotel affect traffic patterns in Southern Village?
A. The hotel will not impact traffic patterns in Southern Village. The vehicular entrance and exit will be located off Highway 15/501 South and will not put pressure on existing neighborhood roads. The entrance facing Barksdale Drive will be designed and landscaped for pedestrians, much like the existing businesses on Market Street.
Q. Will the hotel be visible from 15/501 South?
A. Yes. The hotel will be set back 70-80 feet from the existing curb on Highway 15/501, with all frontage generously and attractively landscaped.
Q. What will the hotel look like?
A. Designs for the hotel have not been finalized, but current plans include two attractive façades, one facing Highway 15/501, and the other, pedestrian-oriented façade facing Barksdale Drive.
Q. How is the land slated for development currently being used?
A. The development site is currently home to several 1960s-era single-family rental properties that lost much of their front yards to the widening of Highway 15/501.
Q. What is the schedule for construction of the hotel?
A. We hope to begin construction in June 2014.
Q. What is the projected value of the hotel?
A. The investment is projected at $15 million. At the current tax rate, this new project would generate $231,794 per year in property taxes for the town, county and school district.
Q. What are the projected tax revenues associated with the project?
A. The investment for the project, which is projected at $15 million, would generate $231,794 per year in property tax revenues for the town of Chapel Hill, Orange County, and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro school district. In addition, assuming 65% occupancy of the hotel, local governments would receive more than $178,000 per year in occupancy taxes.
Q. How will Southern Village benefit from the addition of a hotel?
A. The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Visitors Bureau reports that in 2012, overnight visitors in Chapel Hill spend an average of $285 per day on lodging ($126), food and drink ($85), shopping ($37), and transportation ($37). The hotel will attract a steady stream of new visitors—including leisure travelers, business travelers, and people visiting the University and UNC Hospitals—many of whom will naturally patronize businesses in the Village Center. A vibrant Village Center, in turn, helps keep housing values in the neighborhood strong. In addition, the hotel will broaden the array of conveniences available to residents by providing a place for guests and family members to stay.
Q. Will the hotel follow the guidelines laid out in the Southern Small Area Plan?
A. Yes, the hotel will reflect the spirit of the Southern Small Area Plan, which called for concentrated development that is mixed use, transit-oriented and walkable.
Q. Will the hotel allow for pedestrian access to the Village Center?
A. Yes. The hotel’s Barksdale-facing façade will be set close to the sidewalk, encouraging pedestrian activity, and will be located a short stroll from the Village Center.
Q. Will the hotel be much taller than existing buildings in Southern Village?
A. Not much. For comparison, Weaver Street Market is 42 feet at the front and 49 feet at the back. The hotel height will be approximately 54 feet tall.


October 2013

We’re very happy to announce that the Chapel Hill Town Council unanimously approved Bryan Properties’ proposal to build a new hotel on 15-501 between the two entrances to Southern Village.

Plans for this welcome addition to the community have been in process for awhile, and it's expected that construction will begin sometime in 2014.

About Southern Village

Established in 1994 and embodying the key tenets of New Urbanism, Southern Village is a 312-acre, mixed-use neighborhood in south Chapel Hill. With a vibrant Village Center featuring shops, restaurants, a movie theatre and other amenities, tree-lined streets, and plenty of sidewalks and green spaces, Southern Village offers residents and visitors alike the pleasures of small-town living with all the modern conveniences.

About Bryan Properties

Bryan Properties, Inc. is dedicated to the practice of developing enduring places that enrich the quality of life of the people who live, work and play in their neighborhoods. The company is engaged in all aspects of the community development process: acquisition of land and governmental approvals, design and installation of infrastructure and recreational amenities, selection and management of homebuilders, and sales and marketing of new homes. BPI has created award-winning neighborhoods in Winston-Salem, Charlotte and the Triangle.

The Bryan Properties team working on this project includes Sarah O'Brien, DR Bryan, Dixon Pitt and Rosemary Waldorf. We welcome visits and phone calls to our office from those of you with questions or ideas about our proposed hotel. One of our goals is to have strong neighborhood support when we take our proposal through the town review process.

Southern Village Milestones


Chapel Hill Southern Area Plan
Approvals granted
Infrastructure begins
First lots sold to builders


First home occupied
Phase 1 townhomes approved
Corner Café opens
Park & Ride Lot opens
Southern Village Apartments open
Infrastructure for Market Street begins


Phase 2 residential begins
Greenway construction begins
SV Racquet and Swim Club opens
Condominium Phase 1 begins


Christ Church opens
700 Market Street opens
Market Street infrastructure complete


Lumina Theatre opens
Condominium final phase complete
Bike and pedestrian improvements complete


Weaver Street Market opens
Several Market Street buildings completed


Hotel proposal for Village Center parking lot


Chapel Hill 2020 Plan
Hotel proposal for 15-501 South, adjacent to Village Center

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